Erica Mena Is Doing The Most In ‘Where Do I Go From Here’ Video

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    Erica Mena Where Do I Go From Here Erica Mena Is Doing The Most In Where Do I Go From Here Video

    After two seasons of Love & Hip-Hop NY, we all know that Erica Mena is severely touched. In case we needed more proof, Erica Mena has made her own video for the song Where Do I Go From Here. The song that Rich Dollaz originally gave to Erica Mena to sing while they were “together”, but when their relationship went south for TV, Rich Dollaz gave the song to his “artist” Olivia.

    Although Erica’s song was taken from her and given to Olivia (who BTW sang it much better), Erica Mena decides to still make a video for a song that’s not even hers.

    Click here to check out the full video. Remember you have been warned. Oh! You probably don’t want to watch it while at work, either. It’s NC-17 at best.

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