Hit Boy On How He Produced Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’

As part of his ‘Beat Breakdown’ video series, IT-BOY producer Hit-Boy explains how he made the beat for Beyoncé’s new joint ‘Bow Down’.

The controversial number has been making headlines for all sorts of reasons, the main one ignited by a fellow R&B singer, Keyshia Cole. But it hasn’t been all negative vibes. After all, Hit-Boy’s dreams have come true. As well as working on Beyonce’s new album, he’s working on the new Britney Spears‘ album and he’s cemented his place as the #1 producer to go to after winning a Grammy for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s ‘Ni*gas in Paris’. In fact, Hit-Boy is so psyched about accomplishing his dream of working with B.

So much that he had a custom-made shirt created with the proud announcement of, ‘I produced for Beyoncé’. That’s a pretty bold statement to make because you haven’t made it as a producer until you’ve produced for someone like B. Real talk.

Check out Hit-Boy’s breakdown of ‘Bow Down’ below.

In related news, Ryan Tedder tells Popjustice that Beyoncé’s new album not finished yet. “What I’ve been a part of is my favorite thing that I’m working on at the moment and I’m finishing today actually” he says, confirming his recent contributions to the project. “I’m praying to God that it’s not too late as I’ve been so busy it’s taken me two weeks to get this damn thing done. But it gives me goosebumps.

I never know what’s going to make a record, so I don’t want to be the guy going, ‘I’ve made the biggest hit on the album’, and then it’s not on there”.

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