Kansas City Mayor’s State of the City Speech Interrupted by Angry Resident (Video)

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    kansas city mayor & irate man

    Unidentified, irate man takes over the mic from Kansas City’s mayor Sly James, during his state of the city speech Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

    *It’s a wonder that many of the speeches given by the president and other government officials go over without a hitch.

    Remember when the journalist threw the shoe at Bush’s head over in Iraq?

    Well, Kansas City’s mayor, Sly James, didn’t get a shoe to the head, but during his state of the city speech, a mad man ran up on the stage, knocked over a flag, and commandeered the mic from Sly and made a brief statement to the crowd before being hustled to the ground by intense security.


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    Source: Electronic Urban Report  

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